What is a TEST BANK (TB)? What is a SOLUTION MANUAL (SM)?

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What is a TEST BANK (TB)?
A Test Bank is a collection of all the questions and answers that your instructor uses when making an exam. These Test Banks are given to instructors when they purchase the teacher edition of textbooks, thus they are word-for-word identical to your actual exams! The material is organized by chapter and includes a large variety of multiple-choice questions, exercises, and problems that are be used to measure student achievement in the topics in each chapter. The Test Banks are closely coordinated with the text to ensure consistency. The Test Bank questions are broken down chapter by chapter with answers so you can study independently and ace your upcoming exam!  Test Bank usually contains MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS, TRUE/FALE, SHORT ANSWERS, etc.

Solution Manuals have all the answers for all the questions and exercises for a textbook. You can use it to check answers, step by step. Solutions are provided for all questions, cases, exercises, and problems in a text book. Solutions are carefully explained and logically presented. Answers for many of the multiple-choice questions include computations and explanations. These materials save you time and help you understand the material. With these Solution Manuals you can improve your studying and also get higher marks on assignments!

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Where do Test Banks stand on Teacher recommendations towards using them? What is the current research tell us about the success or failure of Test Banks?

Even though test banks can be useful because it allows students to know what may be possible questions on an exam or the teacher’s test style as stated above, test banks can have its drawbacks. Because test banks may be filled with old tests, study guides, and teacher notes that they once passed out to students it may be recommended that teachers add new questions to an exam even if they plan on recycling some of the old material found on the older exams.

Dahlgran (2004) article concludes that the teachers that tend to use test banks are the ones who lack proper test construction or measurement. He believes that when using multiple choice tests there can be errors of multiple choice disrimnation, therefore, it is recommended that teachers correct or reconstruct new test in order to prevent this.
In Kitao and Kitao’s (1996) article it is advised that teachers should use old tests in order to improve instruction and the test itself. In order to promote student learning, they believe that the teacher should not only grade tests but provide students with answers or comments in regards to the questions they got wrong after a test in administered. When test banks are used, teachers are able to view test they administered to previous students and it allows them to provide better feedback to current students, understand common questions or answers students often gotten wrong on previous tests, and help the teacher to be able to write better tests in the future.
Current research indicates that even though there are advantages to test banks, when used inappropiately it causes the student to memorize questions and answers and does not promote problem solving, critical thinking skills or conceptual learning.